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Living in NYC

Stories for Friends. Advice for Strangers.

I logged back in to Facebook yesterday (did you know that you can go back after deactivating it?). Imagine the server space they must need to keep all that data. It’s sort of terrifying. Anyway, I’m going to start giving them little pieces of my life again and allowing them to do what they want with it, forever.

Why did I do this? I’m writing here just so that I can remember, because I refuse to journal about social networking, but it’s a valuable thing to remember. After a spell off the radar (although readily accessible via twitter), I have realized that there are things happening on Facebook that I don’t want to miss. My family is very active there, and it is the primary way many of them have chosen to communicate. So rather than hold out because I think Facebook is scary (which I know it is), or stay off of the site because I think it brings out the worst in me (which I know it does), I will engage and learn to live part of my life there, so long as the people I love are doing the same.

I also don’t want to be out of touch, and I miss seeing pictures of my nieces. This has nothing to do with New York, but I only keep up with one blog. Sorry!