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Living in NYC

Stories for Friends. Advice for Strangers.

Friends, family and devoted readers:

Because I know you’re the only ones who will read this, I’d like to extend a heartfelt, albeit late, note of gratitude to each of you. For humoring me as my thoughts and experiences wandered their way through this blog for more than a year. It’s now been more than a year since I last posted here, and while I can’t guarantee it will be the last, I must close a chapter here that actually concluded many months ago.

Amber and I left many friends and our beloved church in New York in May of 2011. There were so many reasons to stay there, but we both recognized a clear call to forego them. It has been incredible to see God moving in our lives and blessing us just as he did in the city. We’ll never forget our time there. We’ll never regret moving there. I sincerely hope we’ll never regret leaving.

We don’t know what to expect next, and I haven’t found any inspiration to continue blogging since we left Manhattan. An unexpected meeting with some other writers in Gainesville reminded me just how much I love to write, so I will be exploring some options and plan to launch any new adventure in writing from here. I do hope to create a “Leaving NYC” digest, if for nothing else than to remind myself that leaving a place can be just as challenging as going somewhere new, and there are lessons to be learned in doing so!

Until next time,