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Living in NYC

Stories for Friends. Advice for Strangers.

Hello, and thank you for reading. My name is Christopher Hiatt. I am a husband, musician, writer and eater with acute senses and a love for true creativity. This blog includes my personal experiences, it represents my opinions and beliefs, and it helps me sort through things as they come to me. I attempt at least one new post each week.  

Moving to the big city is a frightening thing. A recent study shows that half the Americans my age say they want to move here. Only a fraction of those people ever try. I did it, and the consequences (whether good or bad) are unfolding. I share them as they present themselves with anyone who chooses to read this blog. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope my experience helps you.

Writing is liberating. It sets my thoughts free and gives me accountability for them. I have chosen to write because I enjoy it most. I am also a musician, and I came to New York to pursue a career in the music industry. My wife Amber and I live on the upper east side, and we are getting to know the city as we learn to love each other better each day.